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Transmission repairs cost an arm and a leg. That’s because of the complexity of the transmission system and the importance it carries to your engine’s performance. Your transmission converts power from the engine so it can supply high torque at low speeds. We can work on the transmissions for both automatic and standard transmission vehicles. Our expert maintenance services include a draining of the transmission and conversion of torque. We also refill automatic transmission fluids with new fluid. Trust Concierge Auto Repair for regular service on your transmission.
Common Signs of Transmission Problems:

  • Slips between gears
  • Leaking fluid
  • Check Engine Light
  • Clutch slips
  • Vehicle will start but won’t move
  • Transmission is making noises

Transmission flush
Proper maintenance on your transmission should be the most important to you to maintain an efficiently working vehicle. To protect your transmission, a flush service is recommended, in accordance to your owner’s manual. During a transmission flush, all oil in the transmission is removed, new oil is run through pushing out dirt, grime and sludge and then filled with new oil. 
The certified mechanics at Concierge Auto Repair, serving Spring, TX, have the knowledge, experience and tools needed to keep your transmission running smoothly. To prevent you from European car repairs and other costly auto repairs, we make sure your transmission is running efficiently. If you suspect transmission problems, please contact our shop today.