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Engine Repair & More for Spring, TX

Taking care of your engine means a better chance of you vehicle lasting into the future. By staying on top of engine maintenance and getting any necessary repairs done immediately, you can help your vehicle last longer. With your car engine repairs, trust the experienced staff at Concierge Auto Repair in Spring, TX. 
Today’s vehicles are complex. It takes a skilled technician with the right tools to get to the root of the problem and be able to fix it. Concierge Auto Repair has the modern tools to analyze highly sophisticated engines for today’s vehicles. We can provide a fully computerized analysis of your vehicle. Our technicians are all fully trained to provide this analysis. 
Our computer analysis will give us a sense of your vehicle’s performance and identify where the issue lies. We monitor your ignition, fuel, and emission control systems. Have any questions? Contact us today!

Engine Repair Spring, TX

Concierge Auto Repair is the premier European car repair shop in the area!

When you are having issues driving your vehicle, have a reduction in fuel economy, or your check engine light is on, it is important to get your vehicle into a shop to get it tested and determine the issue before you end up with more expensive repairs. When your check engine light comes on this could mean bad air flow, bad spark plugs and spark plug wires, a loose gas cap, failing oxygen sensor, problems with the catalytic converter and more. 
Tips to reduce engine repair:

  • Regular oil changes
  • Replacing your timing belt according to manufacturer’s recommendation
  • Regularly checking engine for coolant leaks
  • Regularly checking for cracks in radiator hoses

If you are hearing noises from your engine like a knocking or tapping sound, this could indicate low oil, but it could also mean that something in your engine is starting to wear. If your engine is knocking or stalls, call Concierge Auto Repair and bring your car into our shop so our experience crew can help provide you with the best engine repair in Spring, TX. 
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